Friday, September 23, 2011

Vision Testing

Apologies for the time between posts. I've been trying my damnedest to prove a theory I've had since my last update. Time spent trying to sleep in front of the camera, or just recording myself while I sleep, but I finally got it to happen. I guess it's not something that I can make happen on que.

This is a few clips of video from last night. I did not add the overlay in the last part, that just appeared.

It's what I was thinking. Visions I've been having. Adam wasn't there last week, I just thought he was. But how the fuck did it get on the camera?
There always seems to be a bit of a weird yellow glow when my thoughts go onto the camera, so at least I'll be able to tell what's real and what isn't when I go over footage.

During the day, though, that's not as easy. I question everything I see.

Calling Stacy's house over and over again, hoping she'll answer. Nothing doing.

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