Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fond Memories 2

I miss Adam. I really do. I've never had too many friends in my life, and Adam was pretty much the last one. Everyone else just sort of drifted away from me, over time.

Last year, Adam's parents wanted him to help reshingle their roof. He asked for my help, and out of some desire to be there, I said okay.
I am terrified of heights. Any heights. Anything that's not ground level.
It took me an hour or so just to work up the courage to get up there, but once I was up there, I did pretty well. At least until I slipped, and nearly fell off the roof.
It was Adam that caught me before I fell.

The whole thing seems stupid, looking back on it. I bet I looked pretty stupid.

I need to focus myself. For Adam's sake, I need to figure this stuff out.
To do list:
-Find blue thing
-Get battery for phone
-Run last video
-Run last few pictures
-Find house
-Find tunnel

So much to do, and so damn little to go on.

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