Tuesday, December 10, 2013

it's been a while. i thiink ive been asleep the whole time but im nOT sure. i looked around a bit more. found one of the cameras i used with adam. it didnt have anything on it. its been wiped at some point. could have been me could not have been. i havent had to think for a while but hwen i do it hurts. i took some of the pills to make sure i stay with it. i dont want to die yet. yet.

my internet comes and goes. all i seem to be able to access is this. no word from the outside world. does anyone know where i am. does anyone know what happened to karen seburn. has anyone that reads this heard anything please tell me.

it is still dark outside. my door still doesnt open. i cant stay here much longer. it hurts me every time i close my eyes i see the shadow. the tall man watches me type this right now. he is not always there.
the window opens. it is cold and there is wind but nothing is there. if they dont release me i wil have to go out that way.

i will walk until i stop walking

Friday, September 20, 2013

ngs are moving oddly. my thoughts are Not as collected. I have the pills but i don't know how effective they are anymore. i've been trying to take one a Day. i dont really know what a day is anymore. i have clocks but i don't think they go the same speed all the time.

i'm kind of scared but at the same time i'm not. i want to go home so much. it hurts To think I may be Trapped here and may not go back to Normal ever again. i want to cry but i cant. the longer i am here, the less i care. i havent been able to thINKstraigHT sinc i postEd the lASt video. it istill my room in a way, i can pretend i'm home. sometimes the tall man stands in my room and watches me. sometimes he gets closer and i go to sleep and forget for a while. sometimes the shadow stands behind him and whispers and my Head hurts.

i cant let them get to me though. i just have to pretend i'm home. i'm at home and the sun is shining and adam is going to call me to come out tonight and stacy is okay and karen is okay and i am okay he is getting closer.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm stuck in here. I've been stuck in here for a long time. i can't get out. this is my own room. but it's Different.

It's been dark since I got here. There is nothing outtsidee the window.I've opened it but there is nothing. I  do not feel air moving. do I even Need air? i don't need food. I haven't eatEN since I got here. i have not had Water to drink. i don't need it, yet. i haven't wanted it.

i don'

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

't know how Long I've been here. i think maybe a couple weeks, but it could be a month or more.there is electricity. the lights work, my computer workls. i don't know if the itnernwt works. I'm going to try to post this, but i am not sre if it will go through.

 my door does not open. i do not know if there is anything outside it, but it will not open. ive tried So hard to open it. It won't move. i;m trapped, but i think i'm okay for now.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm sorry for being gone so long.

I can't get out. I've tried so hard. I still have the folder. I'm not sure what good that will do me. I lost the gun but I still have the flashlight. I have power but not everything works.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


So.. I took those pills. They were the same ones I was taking. I'm not sure if they were Stacy's or Adam's. The prescription label had been scratched off.

I remember very little from the past few weeks. I remember being in an abandoned building, Adam had hid there when he disappeared. I remember coming to this house, Stacy's grandmother's house. I'm guessing she moved in with her at some point after I.. after I died. I remember sleeping a lot. I remember living off of what little I took with me from the motel, and what I've found in this house.
Then there are large black spots. Spots that I was recording and posted. I've killed someone. ...i've taken a life. for no real reason. I don't even remember any logic I had behind it, if there was any.  And now I don't know what to do. I am a murderer and the evidence is on this blog, since I appear to have posted it. I won't take it down, though. I'm not going to run from what I did. I was not in my right mind, but I still did it. I should be punished. All I want is to figure this all out first.

I've only recently come to any sort of sense. I've been downing those pills for a few days, it seems like they take a bit to kick in if you've been off of them for a while. I haven't explored the house and I don't particularly want to. Judging by the videos, I know what is in the basement.
The only thing of note is the voices in the previous video. From what to can tell, they appear to be Stacy's voice. I haven't interacted with her for a long time, but I think I can remember her voice well enough. I honestly don't know if they were real at this point. I've had my thoughts come onto the camera before, like when I "met" Adam outside his house. What she/it/they said was pretty detailed though. "It was the shadow. It used him. It made something to fear. The tall man was Adam's. The shadow made it his own. Make the choice. You don't have any more options." If this is real..and I'm not imagining it.. What does it even mean? My memories aren't quite right, but if Stacy's post is to be believed, the man in the suit was Adam's idea and we were going to make a short film about it. Did this shadow thing make it come to life?

In any case, I'm tired of writing now. I'm going to go to sleep some more... I'll try to update after I look around, if I find anything. Just.. to anyone reading this.. I know I've done a horrible thing, but please don't try to alert anyone about this.. I will accept my punishment when it is time, but I need to figure this out. Please give me a chance to do that. I am horrible for what I have done, but for Adam and Stacy's sake, and for anyone else this may affect, I have to figure this out. I will accept my punishment when the time comes. If I escape the hell I've gone through, I will surely find Hell when I die.

I am so sorry, Karen Seburn.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

still at the house

still here, everything is fine. found some pills, they might be the kind i NEed. hesitant to take them jusST Yet