Friday, September 2, 2011

Not How Cameras Work

I'm sorry for spacing out for a while. As my last video shows, I've been quite paranoid ever since that.."person" was here. Ever since, my head's been not quite right.

Still no idea where the codes are coming from, nor do have any idea what the one on top of the last post means. Any help?

As for 8, no clue either. The SD card in Adam's camera is 8GB, but I doubt that means anything.

Surprisingly, after all that's happened, I'm fairly calm now, and if I weren't this calm, the fact that I AM calm would scare the shit out of me. Why am I this calm? I mean...I feel good.

The clips at the end of the 8 video confuse me. If I'm calm about everything else, I am not calm about those. I've been dreaming of those statues, that clip of Adam shouldn't even be on my camera, and well...that last clip shouldn't exist.

Aside from all that, I only have one more video on the camera, and just a few pictures. Can't get any of them to display. With nothing else to go on, no idea where that house is, and little idea where the tunnel could be, I have few leads. The tunnel is really my only shot right now, and still, there are tons of those tunnels around here.

What confuses me even more than the dreams, is that within reason, that house and its surrounding areas (that are visible in the video) should be very close. I can clearly hear my neighbors chickens crowing in the video, which means that it can not be very far, but I cannot for the life of me find that house.
hahahahahahahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha
So, I guess that's all I got. I guess with a better sense, I can look around for the blue thing. I'm switching on and off between extremely tired and extremely energetic, so if that keeps up, I should find it fairly quick.

i am fine i am okay i am fine i am okay


  1. The code becomes "minus quattu", I'm not sure what quattu is, there also appears to be laughter typed between 2 of your final sentences, I don't know if you added this or not. If you're going to go to the tunnel be safe, I don't like the looks of things right now.

  2. It means 'less than four' or 'minus four' in Latin. 8-4=4

  3. Quattu....latin? Four? Minus four? Great, sometHing else that makEs no sense. WelL thanks for telling me at least. I want to know what's causing this stuff, but I get this feeling that I Probably shouldn't investigate furthe, but what else aM I going to do around hEre now?

    I had not noticed the laughter.

  4. Austin, is something wrong? In your comment random letters are in caps, spelling out HELP ME. Are you sure you're OK?

  5. I doubt he's okay, no offense, Austin.