Tuesday, December 10, 2013

it's been a while. i thiink ive been asleep the whole time but im nOT sure. i looked around a bit more. found one of the cameras i used with adam. it didnt have anything on it. its been wiped at some point. could have been me could not have been. i havent had to think for a while but hwen i do it hurts. i took some of the pills to make sure i stay with it. i dont want to die yet. yet.

my internet comes and goes. all i seem to be able to access is this. no word from the outside world. does anyone know where i am. does anyone know what happened to karen seburn. has anyone that reads this heard anything please tell me.

it is still dark outside. my door still doesnt open. i cant stay here much longer. it hurts me every time i close my eyes i see the shadow. the tall man watches me type this right now. he is not always there.
the window opens. it is cold and there is wind but nothing is there. if they dont release me i wil have to go out that way.

i will walk until i stop walking