Friday, September 16, 2011

this isn't it? i cant be seeing this no no no no no its not real

i can go back another day


  1. That was Adam? Why would he fake his death? Something dosen't feel right.

  2. That's....that's just it. I was at the god damn funeral, with Adam's body in the casket. There is no way this video exists.


  3. Unless what? Do you have an idea of what happened.

  4. Any idea what he was saying? It looked like he was trying to warn you...

    Be careful out there, buddy.

  5. Austin, do you actually remember this occuring, or is the video the only "memory" of the encounter? Also, is it just me or was there a significant jump in time between when you got to the house and when the video ends? It looks a lot darker at the end, even though you were hardly there for more than a few minutes.

    Also, what's with your camera? I thought you said that it was all charged up. Does your camera usually imprint the "low battery" warning on the video footage (rather that overlaying it on the viewfinder/display)?

    This is the third or fourth time that cherub statue has showed up, does it mean anything to you?

  6. I don't notice a difference in the lighting, but who knows? I clearly remember this happening, but, I don't think it happened at all.