Friday, September 23, 2011

Vision Testing

Apologies for the time between posts. I've been trying my damnedest to prove a theory I've had since my last update. Time spent trying to sleep in front of the camera, or just recording myself while I sleep, but I finally got it to happen. I guess it's not something that I can make happen on que.

This is a few clips of video from last night. I did not add the overlay in the last part, that just appeared.

It's what I was thinking. Visions I've been having. Adam wasn't there last week, I just thought he was. But how the fuck did it get on the camera?
There always seems to be a bit of a weird yellow glow when my thoughts go onto the camera, so at least I'll be able to tell what's real and what isn't when I go over footage.

During the day, though, that's not as easy. I question everything I see.

Calling Stacy's house over and over again, hoping she'll answer. Nothing doing.

Friday, September 16, 2011

this isn't it? i cant be seeing this no no no no no its not real

i can go back another day

Good Morning

I am up way too early. I can't sleep, because I don't feel tired at all.

I'm making the best of it. I'm going to go to Adam's house today while Stacy is away, see if I can find anything, so I've been spending this early morning getting the plan straight, getting my camera charged and ready, stuff like that.
It just seems like this is a bad idea, in the end.

Haven't been having any mental issues lately. At least, not on the scale of what happened a couple weeks ago. Having random nightmares, and I can't usually remember them well.

But anyway, I guess I'll work around for a while and head off to Adam's house. Taking my camera with me, so I'll update if I find anything useful.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Grasping For Straws?

In my complete inability to find the blue thing, I've considered confronting Stacy again. Unfortunately, I've yet to see her again. Her car has been gone every time I try to go over.

So, one of the worst ideas I think I've ever had came to mind: going inside the house while she's gone. It's only been a few months since Adam died, so surely his things are still there, in which case I might be able to find something. Maybe even that book. Hell, with everything that's been going on, Stacy is probably hiding something too.

Don't know when I'll go.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fond Memories 2

I miss Adam. I really do. I've never had too many friends in my life, and Adam was pretty much the last one. Everyone else just sort of drifted away from me, over time.

Last year, Adam's parents wanted him to help reshingle their roof. He asked for my help, and out of some desire to be there, I said okay.
I am terrified of heights. Any heights. Anything that's not ground level.
It took me an hour or so just to work up the courage to get up there, but once I was up there, I did pretty well. At least until I slipped, and nearly fell off the roof.
It was Adam that caught me before I fell.

The whole thing seems stupid, looking back on it. I bet I looked pretty stupid.

I need to focus myself. For Adam's sake, I need to figure this stuff out.
To do list:
-Find blue thing
-Get battery for phone
-Run last video
-Run last few pictures
-Find house
-Find tunnel

So much to do, and so damn little to go on.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Not How Cameras Work

I'm sorry for spacing out for a while. As my last video shows, I've been quite paranoid ever since that.."person" was here. Ever since, my head's been not quite right.

Still no idea where the codes are coming from, nor do have any idea what the one on top of the last post means. Any help?

As for 8, no clue either. The SD card in Adam's camera is 8GB, but I doubt that means anything.

Surprisingly, after all that's happened, I'm fairly calm now, and if I weren't this calm, the fact that I AM calm would scare the shit out of me. Why am I this calm? I mean...I feel good.

The clips at the end of the 8 video confuse me. If I'm calm about everything else, I am not calm about those. I've been dreaming of those statues, that clip of Adam shouldn't even be on my camera, and well...that last clip shouldn't exist.

Aside from all that, I only have one more video on the camera, and just a few pictures. Can't get any of them to display. With nothing else to go on, no idea where that house is, and little idea where the tunnel could be, I have few leads. The tunnel is really my only shot right now, and still, there are tons of those tunnels around here.

What confuses me even more than the dreams, is that within reason, that house and its surrounding areas (that are visible in the video) should be very close. I can clearly hear my neighbors chickens crowing in the video, which means that it can not be very far, but I cannot for the life of me find that house.
hahahahahahahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha
So, I guess that's all I got. I guess with a better sense, I can look around for the blue thing. I'm switching on and off between extremely tired and extremely energetic, so if that keeps up, I should find it fairly quick.

i am fine i am okay i am fine i am okay