Thursday, March 28, 2013


The notes I got from Stacy's grandmotherr. They appear to be made by Adam, as they match up with the drawings in the journal. And, well, because there's a note from stacy right on the back of one of theemm.

Austin - These are Adam's. He wanted me to have them.
The shadow says you should have them.
Austin don't try (t)o fight
Just run(?)

Adam gave these to sSTacy but the shadow wanted me to have them? Why did he give these to her in the first place? why would he get HEr involved? unlessS he gave them to her before he died? i don't know

This doesn't really help me aat alL. honestly its just pissing me off further. why is this getting more and more complicated and cryptic with every fucking new "clue" i FINd? why can't I just get a straight answer for ocne? i just want this to be over. i want to be home. I want to be home in my bed and not in this freezing building. i want adam to be alive and i want to still be friends with him and I want stacY to be alive too. why cant it just go back? please.
im not even sure being alive is worth it anymore. 

that is stacy's house. whether her grandmother lives there now or not, that is her house and there are things that stacy owned in that house. There have to be things that she had that are related to this. She might even have something of Adam's. I need to get into that house. but i cant as long as her grandmother is there.

i need a plan.

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