Monday, March 25, 2013

Hiding Out

it's pretty cold here. might even snow, not sure. sorRY I haven't updated much in the past couple of days. I try to use this thing as little as possible so I don't run down the batter.yy. haven'T been doing much of anything. Still going through that journal a bit. It's filled with drawings from Adam. Some make sense and are helping me PIece the puzzle together but some just don't make any sense or are indecipherable. also this thing doesn't have a usb port that I can use, so this flash drive is worthless to me right now. there's probably nothing super important on it, like always.

so about the pills. I really need some. I had them for headaches and nausea a year ago, but after a while, they developed another purpose. they kind of kept me.. steady. Not sure how that came about, but it did. I just know that I need them or things are going to get bad. i can't go back to the motel to get them. 1, they've probably cleaned the room out anyway and 2, no. just no. Not going anywhere that thing has been seen at. it's bad enough I have this drawing on the wall. the shadow is here. in this room. but I can't leave. I have to stay here for a while. at least until I figure out my plan in its entirety.

I came here for a reason. this is where ADam hid when he disappeared, before he killed himself. it's just some abandoned garage down the street from his house. nobody bothered to check. but this is it. I'm right where he was. but i know what I'm doing. across the road is stacy's house. well its her grandmothers house but she moved in last year. its where that video of her came from. they're not done with me, they didn't take her. she has to still be there. and Im gonna TALk to her. she has to know something. at the very least she has pills. adam did, i did, she has to as well. whatever happens, I need to get into contact with her again. just need to think of exactly what to say.

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