Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed...

I don't think what Stacy gave me was the book from the last video. Looked a little closer at the video and I can see a little blue object. I think I'll spend this week ldont let it touch you adamrun away austinit will hurt you why is it looking at me its moving in the shadows there are two there are one there are all of them in the sky at night at day dont try to pray my mind burns my stomach turns hide behind the door wait for it to pass there is something behind me why isnt it moving its getting closer dont touch me please dont touch me i dont want to die i dont want to diooking for whatever it was. Whatever it is, it must be fairly small if I could loose it this easily.


  1. Austin....I think this creature (or person) is affecting your mind, it seems plausible that your blackout was caused by it showing up, try keeping a camera around more often, and every time you start to feel light headed, or see it, start filming.

  2. Austin, maybe you should type up entries when you have more sleep. Some weird stuff you type otherwise.

  3. Austin, are you ok? What happened to your post? Did you type that, or did something else?