Sunday, August 28, 2011

8 - 4 + 12 / 2 + 2 - (3 + 1) =

Sleep. Need sleep. It switches on and off. Sometimes I may sleep for too long. Sometimes I don't sleep at all. Sometimes I don't want to sleep. Bad dreams.

Drifting in and out. Not getting enough sleep. I start dreaming while I'm awake. I see really strange things. Like dolls and statues of children.

Haven't done much with the shit on the camera lately. Don't want to. That's where all of my fucking problems came from.
I don't want to leave my room to look for the blue thing. Borderline nervous breakdowns just feeding the dogs.

The most I've done lately is screw around in google streetview trying to find the house in the last video. No luck. I hear chickens crowing in the video. It has to be close doesn't it? My neighbors two houses down have chickens. It has to be close.

I hardly see anyone anymore. I usually stay inside, but I just never see anyone. Cars go by, but nobody on foot.

Good news. Need good news. Need sleep, and good news. I have a bit of good news. I think I found the place in the three pictures I posted a while ago. Well, I know what it is anyway. Not where, yet. A tunnel over a stream of water. A stone bridge. What do the numbers mean? Probably nothing. Probably everything. Everything is so fucking cryptic anymore. Are there letters? Not in the numbers or the water. Dirt. Name. Mine? Austin. Au stin. aus tin.
a u s t i n
e thats my name
i'm so tired. should i call STacy? shedoesntwanttotalktome She'll just hang up.

I'm bleeding. Why am I bleeding? My arm...


  1. 8? Austin, what the hell? I feel like I you're barely keeping in touch, and when you do, your paranoia gets worse. Have you seen that thing again?

  2. What's up with the title, what does the '8' mean? You're right punxter, he's getting worse with every post. Maybe that thing found him. Austin, what is going on?

  3. maybe nothing. maybe everything. whatever happens, you need to understand thatyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyou have to make a choice, adam