Monday, February 20, 2012

Post By Stacy Seburn

Uh, hi. I'm Stacy Seburn. If you've watched Austin's videos, you probably know who I am.

I found out about this blog a couple weeks ago, and I noticed that there were a few people following him on here.

Austin died on December 5th. He called me that night, begging for me to help him. With what, I had no idea. I went over to his house, and... he was on the floor, dead.

I hesistate to post this, but I am also confused about it.

His camera had been set up on his desk, and this was the last file on it. The file is labeled just ten minutes before I got there. There was no blood on his face when I saw him.

He died of a heart attack, and that's about it. There was nothing special in his death, it just kind of happened.

I wanted to tell anyone reading this about what happened to Austin, but I also wanted to explain away a lot of the things that have happened here.

Last July, my brother Adam killed himself. He and Austin had a closer relationship than anyone I'd ever seen.

They had always wanted to do a short film. Adam had come up with the idea of a tall man in a suit, a face with no features and expression. This fictional concept was to be the basis of the film.

After Adam died, Austin lost it. He took Adam's things, his camera and computer and said that he wanted to go over things that they had done. He kept calling me, and hanging up. I tried to answer every time, but he wouldn't speak over the phone. Eventually, he came to my house, camera in hand, speaking pretty vaguely about Adam and was acting fairly strangely all around. Looking back on it, I was pretty rude to him. I left to wash my hands. When I came back out, we talked for a few minutes about the man in the suit, and he wanted anything Adam might have had about it. I looked, and all I could find was an SD card, which is the same one he had been using in his camera when I found it.

He became obsessed with the man in the suit. From what I can tell, he edited Adam's videos into his own, pretending that it was all real. Even the journal of drawings was his. Every page was in his own handwriting. The video of Adam finding it - that wasn't Adam. It was Austin. He became a very dangerous and delusional person.

It must have been too much for him. He had a heart attack and died. That is the end.

I apologize to everyone who followed this, thinking something important was happening. There was no man in a suit. The diamond symbol, well, I'm still not sure about it. It probably means nothing as well.

None of it was real. Austin became delusional, making these videos. It was not his fault. Adam's death was just something he could not handle.

He was a good person, before any of this happened, and he will be missed. His funeral was on December 8th.

Thank you for reading.

Austin Wolfe 1991 - 2011
Adam Seburn 1990 - 2011

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